Top Custom Jewelry Manufacturers In Thailand

Let your individuality flourish with stacked eye-catching colourful crystals. As all know, Mangla International is Thailand ‘s leading custom jewelry manufacturers & suppliers of high-quality Gold, Silver & Diamond Jewelry for small to large brands. Order personalized and custom Jewelry including earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, chains and more designer jewellery.  Mangla International is one the top jewelry suppliers in Thailand , including both wholesale suppliers of standard products and custom manufacturers of unique pieces.

Top Thailand Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

Mangla International is one of Thailand’s leading custom jewelry manufacturers specializing in the design and production of high quality bespoke jewelry for businesses and individual designers. We offer small and large series production and comprehensive design services. As a jewelry manufacturer that proudly supports startups, small brands, small businesses and start-ups, we use both precious and base metals and gemstones to help jewelry brands launch or expand their current product range. See below for more information on our services.

Top Wholesale Custom Jewelry Suppliers in Thailand 

Many boutique storefronts and e-commerce businesses source ready-made jewelry from wholesale suppliers. Mangla International offers a range of products from online wholesalers and can cut costs by buying in bulk. Other businesses may prefer to partner with custom jewelry manufacturers that can help them to design and produce unique products.


Mangla International provides Custom Jewelry manufacturing to small and large jewelry brands and businesses in Thailand   since 2000. We are a one-stop solution that provides you with any Custom Jewelry you are looking for. With a wide range of experience in the production of jewelry, we have been following fashion adventures since decades. Order bulk wholesale custom earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. Shop fashion, fine, custom handmade pieces and designer jewelry. 

Top Thailand  Custom Jewelry Manufacturers For All Your Needs 

A Custom Jewelry manufacturer partner in Thailand  is the key to finding great success for your brand. But, it won’t work out in the long term if it doesn’t provide you the quality you need. We at Mangla International have almost everything you need under one roof. We offer a wide range of services to our customers and a high level of comfort. We offer 50 pieces per design with a low minimum order quantity. Using advanced machines and techniques we ensure that we deliver high-quality 925 sterling silver & handcrafted gemstone jewelry products, from pattern making and sample making to production and shipping. 

Your Budget Friendly Custom Jewellery Partner in Thailand 

For larger orders, we offer attractive pricing tiers and discounts. Growing with us, you’ll be able to enjoy better margins as your brand and business flourish. We have a full jewelry production line and a wealth of experience in all jewelry manufacturing systems, allowing us to save material costs while maintaining high-quality standards effectively. 

Our In-depth Custom Jewelry Experience and Knowledge Ease your Brand Building Process 

As a professional Custom Jewelry manufacturer, we can produce almost any type of Custom Jewelry. Our production team will guide you through the process, assisting you at every stage and providing you with regular updates. As a result, we can provide you with exactly what you require in the quantity you demand. It allows you to get your entire collection from us rather than working with others.


Mangla International is a pioneer Custom Jewelry manufacturer from Thailand  providing a one-stop solution to all the small and large-scale jewelry brands for their customization needs. Mangla understands that searching for quality jewelry manufacturers can be tricky, so we bring you the solution for all the needs under one umbrella.

We are home to diverse customization solutions along with the best pricing that you can get in the market. 

Mangla International, as a leading Custom Jewelry manufacturer, adheres to global quality standards to meet the unique requirements of the customers.


We use modern manufacturing and designing methods so we can deliver the promise of quality which makes us a market leader in the industry. Our customer-centric approach is the testimony of the fact that our goal is to offer services that align with the ideology and unique vision of our clients. 

We, as a high-quality clothing manufacturer, engage our trained team to make sure that all the customer’s needs and queries are addressed on a priority basis.  

Top Custom Jewelry Manufacturers & Suppliers in Thailand 

Mangla International is leading Thailand  custom Jewelry Manufacturers & Suppliers which gives endless customization alternatives to Jewelry Companies all around the globe. With a customer base of about 1000+ customers, Mangla International has been producing quality clothing for over a decade in its manufacturing facility in Thailand , Thailand , Thailand , Thailand, Thailand , Thailand , California & Dubai. 

Mangla International offers custom Custom Jewelry manufacturing services in Thailand , So you can now personal label jewelry on demand. Replace the manufacturer tags with your own brand tags.

We are the Best Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in Thailand       

We have a dynamic team at Mangla International who are passionate and willing to do everything you have in your mind and want to create it in reality. The outstanding quality and design of the things we regularly produce show our passion.We’re known for our dedication, hard work, and commitment, and we’ve always met deadlines for huge orders.

  • Our Custom Jewelry manufacturer services are created to match the demands and desires of our customers, and we believe that the customer is always right. 
  • We focused on improving and adapting to new challenges, and we were continuously striving for success. 
  • Everything you want to customize for related personal labeling for your jewelry, we are ready to do anything you want. 

Customized Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturers | #1 Wholesale & Bulk Gemstone Jewelry 

Premium quality Thailand -owned gemstone jewelry manufacturers & bulk gemstone jewelry suppliers with a global ethical factory network.Mangla International offers leading services including Custom Jewelry manufacturers Thailand  along with cut & casting services to private labels across the globe. 

Custom Gemstone, Gold & Silver Handmade Jewelry Collections in Thailand 

Our custom gemstone handmade jewelry is an outlet for you as our client to get something custom made with your design in mind. ranging from replicas of your favorite old pieces to formal gowns we can do it all. stop hunting for the “perfect” piece you won’t be able to find off the rack and have it made. the answer to your wardrobe woes we are here to create ethical and sustainable Custom 925 Silver jewelry, Custom Sterling Silver Jewelry,Custom 9k Gold Jewelry, Custom 14k Gold Jewelry, Custom 18k Gold Jewelry, Custom 925 Silver Stud Jewelry,Custom 925 Silver Black Oxidized Jewelry just for you!