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Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

Looking for the best custom jewelry manufacturers & suppliers of gold, 925 sterling silver & diamond jewellery designs online? Mangla International is a leading most-trusted custom jewellery manufacturer in India with World-class technique & 100% quality guarantee! Our manufacturing capacity counts all kinds of jewellery for men, women & kids. Best collection of Gold, Silver & Diamond Jewelry Online from India. Shop for earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, chains and more designer jewellery from Mangla International. Wide range of gold, diamond, platinum & gemstone jewellery designs & latest custom jewelry collections online only at Mangla International.


Finding the best custom jewelry manufacturers help you to get a better grip on product design and quality. Unfortunately, many private label jewelry manufacturers don’t take small orders, especially when it comes to jewelry. To help you find the best jewelry manufacturers with the lowest minimum order value, I have handpicked 8 of the most awesome options. I have also listed a few things to consider for beginners. 


World’s most trusted Made-to-Order Custom Jewelry Manufacturers (BESPOKEMANUFACTURE) for small and large orders at reasonable price.There Are only two ways to run a fashion jewelry brand successfully – either manufacture by yourself or outsource a custom jewelry manufacturer whom you can trust. But when it comes to overseas jewelry manufacturers, minimums are usually high besides several other issues. We solve all those issues by offering professionally managed operations and the world’s lowest possible minimum. This has helped small businesses and startup jewelry label owners to get their dream custom designs turn into reality without costing a moon!

It’s not only about manufacturing processes and craftsmanship but also how they are made. At Mangla International® as your potential custom jewelry manufacturer our focus remains on all aspects of sterling 925 sterling silver, gold, diamond, gemstone & semi precious stone jewelry manufacturing. Starting from your concept design, to delivery of neatly packed “ready-to-sell” finished high-quality jewelry, we are a one-stop-shop for all kinds of “made to order” bespoke garment manufacturing requirements precisely matching your custom design and specifications; that too at the most reasonable price! Based in the pink city of India, our treasure reaches jewellery professionals in over 30 countries including the UK, USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Portugal and many more.

As the custom jewelry manufacturer we have been offering our services to several jewelry labels, international eCommerce, high fashion multinational brands, retailers as well as independent jewelry designers; mostly from the United States of America, United Kingdom, Denmark, France and Australia. Explore a stunning range of dresses from custom jewelry manufacturers. Purchase these latest designer jewelry at the attractive prices offered on Choose from a range of fashion jewellery like gold plated jewellery, kundan jewellery, oxidised jewellery,etc.

About Mangla International – Wholesale custom jewelry manufacturers & supplier from India

Mangla International  has been helping retailers to find the perfect jewelry to suit their customers’ needs for over 20+ years. We are one of India’s leading importers and wholesalers of high quality, non-branded sterling silver, gold, diamond with a growing selection of over 10000+ beautifully designed products to choose from. We work solely and exclusively with retailers, big and small, to source and design jewelry collections that meet their margin requirements, drive sales and reflect what makes their brand unique.


Looking to buy Wholesale Personalised Jewellery?We have arguably one of India’s largest ranges of wholesale handmade jewellery including wholesale gold, 925 sterling silver & gemstone jewellery, high best fashion lines and a large collection of occasion jewellery for proms and weddings.


As custom jewelry manufacturers let Mangla International be your one-stop wholesale jewellery supplier. We are one of the leading wholesalers from India. As custom jewelry wholesalers and importers, we can offer customers a vast range of wholesale jewelry at highly competitive prices.


We are an Indian family business based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. If you need us, just email or call and our great customer service team will sort out any questions promptly.


Mangla International is a India based custom jewelry manufacturers & suppliers. We work with retailers across India to provide high quality jewellery wholesale, at affordable prices. As a leading custom jewellery supplier to the trade, we pride ourselves in delivering beautiful custom jewellery that has both quality and style whilst giving great value and service to our customers.

As a high quality custom jewelry supplier, we innovate constantly, listening to our customers to create beautiful jewellery – be it luxurious brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and cufflinks. The list is endless trying to meet the mood of the changing seasons and current fashions.


All our custom jewelry is beautifully presented in lovely white boxes which are included in the trade price making Mangla International a very easy collection to display in your store. Ask about our great displays to help sell Mangla International at the point of sale and see your sales and profits take off!


Whilst always innovating we will always put affordability front and centre, ensuring that our jewellery gives great value for money without compromising on quality.


We hope you enjoy browsing our collection.


Mangla International has over 20+ years experience as a leading custom jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler, importer and exporter in the heart of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India. 


We also specialise in 9ct jewellery including moveable pendants, cubic zirconia, semi precious and precious stone set rings, pendants and earrings and a fabulous diamond range.


Mangla International is One the Best Custom Jewellery Manufacturers

Mangla International is a leading top custom jewellery manufacturer with an enviable reputation for consistent excellence in customer service and innovation in product and brand development.


Our extensive portfolio and many years of experience in jewelry production and jewelry wholesale, makes us one of the leading custom jewellery manufacturers from India. Committed to develop advanced products to meet International standards & consumer Needs. Get High Quality & Stylish Custom Designed Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and More.

Wholesale Jewelry & Wholesale Accessories, Fashion Jewelry Supplier

Wholesale jewelry & accessories from Mangla International. We have wide range collection of products help to you wholesale fashion jewelry. Wholesale Jewelry Supplier offers services such as necklaces, earrings, engagement rings, name jewellery wholesale buying, dropshipping and manufacturer via internet. We can expect you and to shop safely. Online Shop with high-quality jewellery for him and her.

How Do We Help You As Made-to-Order Wholesale Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

Finding the genuine custom jewelry manufacturer for your startup or emerging jewelry line is a herculean task. In fact this is “first fight win” like situation. Being a women owned and family run “Fashion Designer turns jewelry manufacturer”, we understand the pain behind; and hence we have developed our manufacturing facility which ensures hassle-free manufacturing of your custom jewelry design.We carry a rich history of working as the wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer for small business and startups. We love helping them to turn them into multinational fashion jewelry brands. Our expert services, individual attention and care of each clients backed with friendly business practices – have helped us to win our client’s heart over the years!

What to check when selecting custom jewelry manufacturers?

Business model

A good business model will not only give you flexibility, but it will require little to no upfront. Wholesale manufacturers are good for getting good rates. However, if you are just starting up with your business, you can select a jewelry design on demand model. A design on demand dropshipping service allows you to fully customize your product. They will then create and ship orders for you when they arrive on your storefront. 

Printing methods 

Screen printing and direct-to-jewelry are the two most common, budget-friendly cad design options, but look for the jewelry design methods that suit you the best. For instance, if you want a patch, you should look for private label jewelry  manufacturer. 

Domestic or Overseas 

Domestic jewelry manufacturers are great. They provide faster shipment,  and better contact, and above all, the vetting process (if required) is easier. Another good thing about domestic suppliers is that there aren’t custom fees. Based in the pink city of India, our treasure reaches jewellery professionals in over 30 countries including the UK, USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Portugal and many more.Overseas manufacturers are ideal for those who have an audience base near the supplier location. If you decide to go with overseas manufacturers, make sure that your state doesn’t  include custom duty on jewelry items. 

Production time 

This point is especially relevant for seasonal sellers, i.e. for those looking to sell Halloween jewelry items and want their inventory to be stocked before the holiday season. 

Available jewelry products 

Oftentimes a manufacturer offers custom solutions, but they are more specialized in a particular type of jewelry. In that case, if you order custom jewelry that is different from their regular creations, you’ll have to pay a little more. Look instead for jewelry manufacturers that already have the type of jewelry item you need stocked up and listed in their product catalogue. 

Minimum order quantity 

Minimum order quantity is something you should always check before proceeding with an order. MOQ decides how much upfront it will cost you. I have tried to list in the post only  custom jewelry manufacturers for small businesses with little to no MOQ. 

Best Custom Jewelry Manufacturers for Small Business

The first pick on your list of custom jewelry manufacturers is Mangla International. It is a print on demand dropshipping and fulfilment service. You can design your custom products via the free mockup generator and then get them shipped to the customer when the order arrives. This means you don’t necessarily have to buy a lot of jewelry items. You can dropship them on a per order basis with no upfront cost. For those looking for bulk orders, they even offer an exclusive 10% off on bulk jewelry orders. If you’re not great at designing, Mangla International will help you find artists to design a product based on your needs. Mangla International also has white label and branding options, so you can create a completely custom experience for your buyers. The best part is you don’t have to keep an inventory.


Jewelry Manufacturers for Small Businesses

Looking for jewelry manufacturers for small businesses from India? As top custom jewelry manufacturers for small businesses in UK, Europe, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Mangla International offers you 100% Quality Guarantee on all your order and we make sure not a single piece is going to be defective. Since we work with you on creating the custom jewelry from the scratch, we precisely follow your custom design details and specification. We take approvals from you on everything and after mutual consent only we proceed from one step to another.

Mangla International is World’s most trusted small batch jewelry manufacturers (Low MOQ) for startups and emerging small jewelry business.

Wholesale Custom Jewellery Manufacturers

We are India’s most trusted made-to-order wholesale custom jewelry manufacturers. Our manufacturing ability is very wide and versatile as we are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with jewelry business practices. Based on robust in-house technology and fitted with the latest tools and equipment, our production unit forms the backbone of our business operations. We strive to outperform in customer-delivery and our customers are our top priority. With sound experience and a customer-oriented approach, we have managed to establish long-standing associations with quality customers. Our client pool is geo-located in North America, Continental Europe, U.K, Australia, and New Zealand. We follow best practices in terms of social and environmental compliance. We strive to create trust and have strong credibility amongst our customers by producing high-quality 925 sterling silver & gemstone jewelry. Our high standard of quality and efficiency in the manufacturing process has made us one of the best jewelry manufacturers in India.

Top Customized Jewelry Manufacturers & Suppliers from India

Looking for a reliable India custom jewelry manufacturers and suppliers? Mangla International has got you covered by all means with its premium quality gold and silver jewelry manufacturing options. We at Mangla International are proud to call ourselves a custom gold jewelry manufacturing brand that prioritizes client satisfaction and adheres to all of their demands.

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Top Jewelry Manufacturers and Companies in The World

Mangla International was regarded as the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of crafted fine jewelry for many years.

We’ve found of world’s best locations, our best jewelry manufacturers and suppliers for you with tips on choosing the right one for your online business. Get started today!

Our Worldwide Presence

Browse and select the World’s best jewelry manufacturers for your jewelry brand by country and city.

Top Jewelry Manufacturers in USA | Jewelry Manufacturers in Australia | Jewelry Manufacturers in Canada | Jewellery Manufacturers in Europe | Jewellery Manufacturers in Spain | Jewellery Manufacturers in Italy | Jewellery Manufacturers in UAE | Portugal Jewelry Manufacturers | Jewellery Manufacturers in Ireland | Jewelry Manufacturers in Thailand | Jewellery Manufacturers in Jaipur | Jewellery Manufacturers in Netherlands | Jewellery Manufacturers New Zealand Jewellery Manufacturers in France  | Jewellery Manufacturers Poland | Jewellery Manufacturers in UK | Jewelry Manufacturers in Germany | Jewelry Manufacturers in Japan | Jewelry Manufacturers in Indonesia | Jewelry Manufacturers in China | Jewelry Manufacturers in India | Jewelry Manufacturers in South Korea | Jewelry Manufacturers in Philippines | Jewelry Manufacturers in Singapore | Jewelry Manufacturers in Malaysia Jewelry | Manufacturers in Hong Kong | Jewelry Manufacturers in Qatar | Jewelry Manufacturers in Saudi Arabia |  Jewelry Manufacturers in Nepal  Jewelry Manufacturers in Sri Lanka | Jewelry Manufacturers in Maldives | Jewelry Manufacturers in United Arab Emirates |  Jewelry Manufacturers in Christmas Island |Jewelry Manufacturers in Sri Kuwait | Jewelry Manufacturers in  Bangladesh  | Jewelry Manufacturers in Laos

United States’s largest Jewelry Manufacturers & Suppliers

Mangla International’s with over three decades of experience in Jewelry manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of an exclusive collection of Handcrafted Jewels. We manufacture latest custom design of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, silver jewelry, fashion jewelry, metal jewelry, imitation jewelry and other fashion accessories at the best prices.

Get Private Label Jewelry Manufacturing from Mangla International

Going private label is the easiest way to develop, source and manufacture your jewelry line. Your very own India Made custom jewelry collection with the lowest minimums in the. Top Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers from India, Mangla International is custom Jewelry manufacturer for small to large private label jewellery brands worldwide.

Mangla International is best private label jewelry manufacturers, based in Jaipur. We produce good quality silver, gold & diamond private label jewelry for USA, Italy, UK, NYC, Canada, Los Angeles, Australia, South Africa & Europe!

Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers USA | Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers Italy | Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers UK | Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers NYC | Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers Canada | Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers Los Angeles | Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers Australia | Private Label Jewelry South Africa | Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers Europe | Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers India 

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