925 Solid Sterling Silver Blue Chalcedony Gemstone Earrings

Specifications :-

  1. Product       —–        925 Silver Earrings
  2. Gemstone  —–        Blue Chalcedony
  3. Stone Size   —–       8 x 10 mm Oval Cabochon / 6 x 6 mm Round Cabochon
  4. Color           ——      Blue
  5. Style           ——      Handmade
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Product Description

About Blue Chalcedony Gemstone…..

Chalcedony is useful for treating chronic hoarseness and inflammation of the throat. It protects against weakness in general, bad moods, obsessive jealousy and depression. It reduces sleepwalking, soothes chilblains, and is a source of protection during travel.Blue Chalcedony is a powerful stone for communicating with Spirit and can be used to encourage speaking in tongues or the language of Light. It is very beneficial in repairing wounds and deep anger patterns in the energy field.


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