925 Solid Sterling Silver Garnet Gemstone Ring

Specifications :-

  • Product       —–        925 Silver Ring
  • Gemstone  —–        Garnet
  • Stone Size   —–       8 x 10 mm Emerald Cut
  • Color           ——      Ruby
  • Ring Size     —–      All Size Available
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Product Description


Garnet is a glorious gem for those seeking a helping hand when it comes to all things relationship. It’s adept at clearing out negative energies by flushing toxins, not only from your body but also your life in general. It works closely with those grounding chakras to keep you safe and steady on your feet and less likely to slip into traps of self-doubt and jealousy and all those traits that can get in the way of forging a close-knit bond with your loved one.Garnet is a highly uplifting stone with its rich colors and warming glow you cannot help but feel supported and nurtured by its deep healing properties. It’s an amazing talisman to have close for those times you may feel the need to be balanced out. It keeps you off the emotional roller-coaster by ensuring that your self-esteem is high enough to make healthy choices and that you approach life from a positive point of view.


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