925 Solid Sterling Silver Green Turquoise Gemstone Ring

Specifications :-

  • Product       —–        925 Silver Ring
  • Gemstone  —–        Green Turquoise
  • Stone Size   —–       8 x 10 mm Oval Cabochon
  • Color           ——      Green
  • Ring Size     —–      All Size Available
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Product Description


Bringing many benefits to all those who love and wear Turquoise Howlite, this special crystal feels the most at home when enticing you to let your true voice flow. It’s a stone that brings good luck, heals old wounds, and generally weaves more life affirming fortune into your world. Here are a few more benefits of bringing the calm essence of blue into your life…

Turquoise is a soft and gentle truth seeker. It invites you to plunge beneath the surface and to figure out what is working for you and what isn’t. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed as it doesn’t do this in a pushy way but rather eases you in by giving you courage, strength, and a calmness of mind. It is a stone of communication, both with others and with our own selves.


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