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Mangla International is one of the top World’s leading private label jewelry manufacturers & suppliers of private label jewelry. Create your own private label jewelry masterpiece with best Jewelry online. Buy different handmade jewelry at cheap bulk prices.Visit our website to order from our wide range of sterling silver, gemstone, diamonds & Gold Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bangles, Bracelets, Necklaces.

Best Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers & Suppliers

Today private label brands don’t prefer running their in-house manufacturing unit, and hence they rely on private label jewelry companies to take care of entire manufacturing requirements. The private label companies outsource the manufacturing to private label jewelry manufacturing firms that can turn jewelry into the finished product.

They finally need to put their brand label on jewelry and showcase them in the market for sale. India is one of the biggest jewelry manufacturing countries. Hence, the private label manufacturers in India are in huge demand. Moreover, India has a vast history of handmade garments that are unmatched in quality and precision.

We (as Indians) are proud to have a team of experts with advanced technologies and equipment that helps us deliver world-class jewelry to global customers. Our manufacturing line covers almost all jewelry formats that further makes us proud.

Today, the number of private label manufacturers has increased a lot, confusing private label jewelry brands to choose one among many and run a successful jewelry business in various countries. Still, a few good-quality private label jewelry manufacturers can serve you with utmost quality and competitive prices.


Mangla International is a pioneer in private label jewelry. We are one of the renowned players and go-to professionals for anything brand-grained and privately-owned in the jewelry circuit. Our industry-wide experience designing and crafting custom apparels catering private labels makes us the first choice of businesses in the trade. With a fine track record of building great fashion streaks for aspiring players and domain veterans alike, we own a cult industry status of a trusted best private label jewelry manufacturers delivering service excellence.

What makes us the new-age favorite is our keen focus on quality and detailing and the streamlined practices we own at work. Our garment manufacturing process starts with the sourcing of raw materials after which we custom design it as per the needs of individual customers. We also provide door-to-door delivery of the finished products across the globe. As an original design manufacturer (ODM) we design custom garments according to customers’ demand.

With large production capacity, we have been serving not only big international private jewelry labels but small-batch jewelry manufacturers too. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, comprehensive quality control systems, reliable manufacturing units, and reasonable cost, we have earned customer’s trust and reliability over the years.

We follow the best business practices to design garments based on customers’ demand. We make this possible with the world-class manufacturing facility, individual attention to every client through key account managers, product design and cost consultation, access to the best designs, and expertise in various types of printing and embroidery techniques.


What is a private label?


Big retailers’ own brands started denting the market share of mainstream consumer brands. However, the market for these private label brands has cooled in recent years as retailers are becoming less aggressive. Now some private labels are also being removed from the shop shelf. According to a global report by market research firm Nielsen, Indian private labels now account for 4.5 per cent of overall supermarket sales, down 2.2 per cent from 2010.

Indian retailers started promoting their brands about 8 years ago. The strategy was to offer products at a lower price than the national brands and increase their profit margins. At that time, National Brands was negotiating to pay large retailers less money to sell their products. The initial success of these labels encouraged retailers to aggressively launch their own brands in each product segment.


How to find Top Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers/Suppliers and if they’re a good fit for Your Needs ?

Jewelry is used the most in India, all this has been going on since the time of King Maharaja since ancient times and in today’s time, if you want to party or travel or go to a relative’s place, then women without Jewelry. So she doesn’t like to go anywhere, apart from this, if there is a custom to wear jewelry in any festival or big festival, whether it is traditional gold jewelry or light-colored jewelry, you have to buy jewelry of your budget, if someone is getting married at home, then for that Jewelry is bought separately, so people wear gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, platinum copper and silver in India, today we will tell you in this page how you can start your own jewelry business.
India is the world’s largest hub where jewelry is consumed a lot, jewelry is imported in India so much that it is 6% to 7% of India’s GDP, India imports 800 to 900 Tones gold only to make jewelry Indian The Jewelry Industry was around 3 Trillion Rupees in 2016 which has doubled by this year.

Our Private Label Jewelry Manufacturing Process


A custom or customized design is something made to a specific order. A fitting example of a custom design is a ‘custom-made wedding gown’ where the dress is dictated by the bride to be. The customer usually gives instructions or asks the designer for suggestions on how to create something unique.


CAD Full Form – Computer Aided Design is the use of computer software to design and document the design process of a product.

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. CAD is used to design, develop and customize the product. Although it is very versatile, CAD is used in the design of tools and equipment needed in the manufacturing process as well as in the construction sector. CAD enables design engineers to create layouts and save their work on a computer screen for developing, printing and future edits.

Engineering drawing mandates the use of graphical symbols such as points, lines, curves, planes and figures. Essentially, it gives a detailed description of any component in a graphical form.

Step 6 – CASTING

Step 13 – CAD approval
Step 14 –  Approval of the final piece.


What makes us unique?

Mangla International is one of top private label jewelry manufacturers from India with world-class technique and large-scale production capacity jewellery for Women, Girls & Men Online. We deal in all kinds of  jewelry   – rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces. 
Mangla International offers an exclusive range of plain gold jewellery encompassing the world of rings, earrings, pendants, gold chain and gold coins.
Shop from the wide range of Private Label Silver Jewellery online for men, women & girls from India. Buy earrings, rings, bracelets & more types of Silver Jewellery at Mangla International.
Mangla International gold & diamonds wide range of private label gemstone jewellery designs that includes gemstone necklace, ring, earrings, pendant, bangles and more. Certified stones & BIS hallmarked gold. Lifetime maintenance.
Buy private label Diamond jewellery designs online with a wide variety of collections from India. Check out Mangla International’s best collection of diamond earrings,  neckwear, rings etc.

Why choose Mangla International as The Best Private Label Jewelry Suppliers? 

    • A to Z jewelry manufacturing unit: Mangla International is a 100% export-oriented unit with a global clientele. We are a one-stop-shop for jewelry manufacturing and home accessories. From the inception of the idea until the delivery of the final product – every step of the manufacturing is taken care of at Mangla International. 
  • Assured Quality: Quality is at the core of all our services and products. Our dedication towards meeting quality standards in garments and manufacturing processes has helped us establish our brand in the market. We ensure minimum wastage of material and our team of quality analysts monitors every stage in the manufacturing process to ensure that every single product conforms to our international quality standards. 
  • Competitively-priced products: Pricing is one of the major factors in product satisfaction. We ensure that our products are value for money. We make competitively-priced products without compromising on the quality by minimizing wastage and optimum utilization of resources. 
  • Door-to-door delivery:  Mangla International is a master in time management. With careful streamlining of projects, we ensure that all the consignments reach their destination on time. Quick turnaround time has helped us earn our customer’s trust. 
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure: With our robust manufacturing unit, we manufacture 1.2-1.5 million pieces of garments annually that are the perfect blend of modern technology and creativity. 

Contact Mangla International for your private label jewelry needs now.

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Looking for Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers online?Mangla International is one of the Best Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers for small to large private label jewellery brands worldwide.

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