Top Brass Jewellery Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Mangla International is one of Ahmedabad’s leading Brass Jewellery manufacturers & suppliers of handcrafted gold, artificial, oxidised, kundan Brass Jewellery and 925 sterling silver Brass Jewellery etc. Specializing in white-label custom Brass Jewellery and bespoke services for Brass Jewellery brands with MOQs starting at just 50pcs. Wholesale Brass Jewellery in Ahmedabad  – Visit Mangla International online Brass Jewellery shopping store in Ahmedabad  for your engagement & wedding rings, earrings, bracelet, necklaces. Latest silver & gold Brass Jewellery design collections online. Buy gold rings, gold earrings & more.

Top Wholesale Brass Jewellery Suppliers in Ahmedabad 

Mangla International is hailed among the premier top wholesale Brass Jewellery suppliers in Ahmedabad  dealing in gold, sterling silver and diamond Brass Jewellery. Custom Brass Jewellery options are offered at bulk rates.Mangla International is one of the fastest growing and largest Brass Jewellery and accessories brands in the world with a keen sense for great design and premium quality. We specialize in manufacturing large quantities of gold, sterling silver and diamond Brass Jewellery and accessories and delivering it to hundreds of bulk purchasers all around the globe with the aim of achieving 100% client satisfaction.

Committed To Develop Advanced Products To Meet International Standards & Consumer Needs. High Quality & Stylish Custom Designed Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and More.

If you go deep into the ancient civilizations of the world, then you will get to know many special things related to the past. You will come to know that many things that people consider to be a gift of the modern world, were already used by the ancient people. Ancient people had mastered many arts, including Brass Jewellery making. 

At the same time, with the development of metals, they were used to make various types of Brass Jewellery. Even during that time various designs were used to make the ornaments attractive. Come, let us show you the 18 rare jewels of the ancient world that used to be an important part of the identity of the ancient royal houses.

Top Custom Brass Jewellery Manufacturers in Ahmedabad 

Take your brand to the next level with top custom Brass Jewellery manufacturers in Ahmedabad . We build products to match your brand vision. With decades of experience, we make it so easy! · Built with your customer in mind. Full service end-to-end Brass Jewellery manufacturing provider in Ahmedabad  offering high quality custom Brass Jewellery design, production, manufacturing, and distribution. 

Mangla International is a Brass Jewellery manufacturer in the Ahmedabad  helping brands to produce custom Brass Jewellery which involves either wholesale or retail.

Looking for an OEM/ODM custom Brass Jewellery manufacturer? Need help developing your own Brass Jewellery brand? Call us at +91 95094 55551 to book an appointment!

Mangala International: Contact Partner for Ahmedabad ‘s Leading Brass Jewellery Manufacturers with a Growth Vision

Mangla International: powerful and service-oriented partner for Brass Jewellery manufacturers As an owner-managed and aspiring e-commerce group, Mangla International is the contact of choice for Brass Jewellery manufacturers when it comes to online-based sales concepts for successful Brass Jewellery collections. With the experienced experts from Mangla International, Brass Jewellery manufacturers find buyers in more than 27 countries on 4 continents. In addition to a contemporary range of services, Mangla International offers business customers tangible added value through uncomplicated access to state-of-the-art design creations.

Brief Summary: Mangala International’s Strengths and Core Competencies for Gold and Sterling Silver Brass Jewellery Manufacturing in Ahmedabad 

Our main strength in the Brass Jewellery market is undoubtedly that we have developed into one of the most important interfaces for Brass Jewellery manufacturers in Germany with maximum target focus and that we know how to use the Internet sales channel with maximum efficiency. Our multi-faceted Brass Jewellery items represent a fashion-conscious and stylish collection that opens up attractive options for retailers. Our business success in the field of Brass Jewellery manufacturers ensures a wide range of customers from several Ahmedabad  and resellers from a wide variety of industries. In everyday business and cooperation processes, more than 10 years of experience in international Brass Jewellery production are a critical competitive advantage that we can offer our customers. With a view to customer requests and market trends, the creative Brass Jewellery designers and experienced trend scouts leave nothing to chance: In this sense, each collection is precisely adapted to the sales opportunities, so that concrete growth paths open up for Brass Jewellery manufacturers. 

We know that especially in the area of ​​Brass Jewellery manufacturers, a high degree of individuality is required in order to be able to place oneself effectively in the customer’s perception. And ultimately, the image of a brand always affects the perceived quality and visual aesthetics. That is why we have expanded our large selection of Brass Jewellery brands to include individual private labels in order to set targeted trends and launch new sales opportunities. The cooperation with Mangla International is determined not least by attractive conditions in day-to-day operations, which give both partners sufficient economic leeway.

Brass Jewellery Manufacturer Systematic Success: Mangala International Stands For Maximum Target Focus

Success can only be achieved for Brass Jewellery manufacturers if the wishes and concerns of customers come first. True to this recipe for success, we have made it our goal for up-and-coming Brass Jewellery manufacturers and Internet companies to establish strong private labels with an attractive image. In the search for creative design concepts, the experts at Mangla International have been very successful in developing popular private labels in the up-and-coming e-commerce sector in recent years. Through our strategic focus on the sustainable establishment of watch and Brass Jewellery brands, we have succeeded in building up convincing product expertise, which we, as the Ahmedabad and market leader in High Quality Gold and Silver Brass Jewellery manufacturers, can look back on with pride. Our standard range alone knows how to convince Brass Jewellery manufacturers with over 2500 different products. As part of a profitable cooperation, we offer the opportunity to develop a product mix that is precisely tailored to the respective target group. Excellent calculation options give us the opportunity to set standards for Brass Jewellery manufacturers, also with a view to the stimulating pricing. With Mangla International, smaller Brass Jewellery manufacturers have the desirable opportunity to build up their own successful label and position it on the market in the long term. Even with smaller sales volumes, a fair calculation is made, which opens up economic leeway for both sides. Ultimately, the uncompromising and 100% respected focus on customers ensures that the value chain is optimized for each Brass Jewellery manufacturer. Services from Mangla International for Brass Jewellery manufacturers with a view to effective online marketing measures ensure a holistic approach and ultimately ensure that Brass Jewellery products actually reach end customers.

With Mangala International, Jewelers Can Grow Successfully In The E-Commerce Sector

Online trade is already proving to be a rapid growth accelerator for Brass Jewellery manufacturers in Ahmedabad , because sales in e-commerce are increasing significantly year after year, even in times of economic crisis, such as most recently in 2008/2009. Every second search query on the market leader Google now has a commercial background. In this respect, it is important to exploit this strategic future field with attractive growth prospects for up-and-coming Brass Jewellery manufacturers.


In the Brass Jewellery beads wholesale you will find a large selection of beads and pendants. We offer you various faceted beads, wooden beads, semi-precious stone beads, natural stone beads and freshwater beads. In addition to pearls, you will also find a large selection of pendants made of different types of metal, but also tassel, feather, dried flower and shell pendants as well as various pendants with one or two eyelets. Do you like making Brass Jewellery yourself? Then you are exactly right here!


Brass Jewellery findings come in a variety of styles and qualities. Are you looking for cheap Brass Jewellery accessories? Then take a look at our metal accessories. Do you prefer accessories that are a bit more premium? Then we recommend DQ Metall, which means designer quality. Do you want the highest quality Brass Jewellery findings? Then take a look at our stainless steel accessories collection. These items will not discolor and will last a long time. At Brass Jewellery accessories wholesale, Brass Jewellery beads wholesale you will find Brass Jewellery accessories made of stainless steel from Brass Jewellery beads wholesale. Stainless steel – Buy accessories made of stainless steel in Brass Jewellery wholesale for resellers.


Find the latest trend items at Schmuck Perlen wholesale, the costume Brass Jewellery wholesaler! On our inspiration page you will find various inspiration sets that will inspire you to create the most beautiful pieces of Brass Jewellery yourself. In our DIY video we show you different techniques for making Brass Jewellery. Also visit our social media channels and subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date with the latest Brass Jewellery trends.

In addition to all the items and inspiration for making your own Brass Jewellery, you will also find a wide range of ready-made Brass Jewellery that corresponds to the latest trends in Brass Jewellery wholesale. This beautiful stainless steel Brass Jewellery, the trendy earrings and bracelets as well as the Mix & Match chains can be wonderfully combined with your self-made Brass Jewellery.


Mangla International Brass Jewellery pouches, cards for Brass Jewellery, Brass Jewellery displays, has them all! Pack your handmade Brass Jewellery or finished Brass Jewellery with a beautiful Brass Jewellery card in an organza Brass Jewellery pouch. This makes giving and receiving even better! Cards for Brass Jewellery are designed by our graphic design department that makes you unique. Finally, present your Brass Jewellery in a suitable display for the most beautiful presentation.

Online Brass Jewellery Shopping Store Ahmedabad  : Buy Affordable Sterling Silver, Gold, Diamond & Gemstone Brass Jewellery Online in Ahmedabad 

Mangla International is an online Sterling Silver, Gold, Diamond & Gemstone Brass Jewellery store featuring high-quality, affordable designs. Mangla offers a perfect range of trendy fashion Brass Jewellery for your loved ones. Mangla International began in 2000 with the simple motto of democratizing Brass Jewellery. And today, after 20+ glorious years, it has come to be recognised as one of the top 10 e-commerce Brass Jewellery brands in Ahmedabad . Steadily growing from strength to strength since inception, Mangla International has also established 450+ online Brass Jewellery stores across the length and breadth of Ahmedabad.