Top 925 Sterling Silver Manufacturers in India

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925 sterling silver along with gold jewelry is quite popular among Indian women. 925 sterling silver, such as rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, nose rings, earrings, nettles, armlets, are an integral part of Indian jewelry. Now since it is not possible for everyone to make and wear gold jewelry, it is widely worn in rural areas and also in tribal areas of the country. In fact, 925 sterling silver is an integral part of the attire of the tribal people.

You must have seen that women in tribal communities wear heavy 925 sterling silver a lot. The practice of melting old 925 sterling silver into new ones is still prevalent in major parts of India, but recently the trend has been reversed. Old 925 sterling silver is now in high demand and in fashion. Oxidized 925 sterling silver with traditional designs giving a vintage and raw look has a different and bigger market.

The specialty of these jewelry is that they are lightweight and reasonably priced. The versatility can be seen in 925 sterling silver, as different states have indigenous influence on its design. Patterns and accuracy vary by region and likes and dislikes of people. It is made differently in different states.

Once the choice of only kings and maharajas, this jewelry has also become the choice of common people.

In the 21st century, new and highly advanced technology has contributed to a huge increase in 925 sterling silver production globally. These days 925 sterling silver has gained immense popularity due to the availability of different types of designs. It has been used in conjunction with various other precious and semi-precious stones.

Being easily available as well as economical, it is liked by all classes of people. Some of the popular 925 sterling silver worn by women across the world include earrings, rings, nose pins, 925 sterling silver necklaces and many more. From a scientific, traditional or astrological point of view, the charm of 925 sterling silver has always proven its important place in the jewelry of the world.

Today 925 sterling silver is very popular among girls. Oxidized jewelry is preferred more. Your 925 sterling silver can add to your look. There are many ways in which you can style them.

Wear 925 sterling silver in street style

Indo-western and bohemian styles are some of the most trending styles today. You can wear jewelry on special occasions or while going shopping. It goes well with heels, jeggings and loose tops. If you are going out for an outing, then you can wear them tight and a necklace or big statement ring with your dress.

Wear 925 sterling silver to office

You can also carry it in the office. Its brooch or a big, simple and elegant statement ring can also be worn over a denim shirt or formal.

Wear 925 sterling silver in bohemian style

This is the most trendy and comfortable style for funky and 925 sterling silver jewellery. The big nose ring can be worn with your outfit. Oxidized necklaces can also be carried over shirts. Apart from this, you can pair the bracelet or its large earrings.

Wear 925 sterling silver in desi style

925 sterling silver looks best with kurtas and salwar kameez. Many Indian girls wear it during family functions, weddings, informal events etc. You can easily pair 925 sterling silver with a kurta and jeans or salwar kameez. It also goes well with palazzos and other Indian wears. You can style it in 925 sterling silver bangles, earrings, choker or necklace.

Top Wholesale 925 sterling silver Suppliers in India

We are leading top 925 Sterling Silver manufacturers in India with a variety of customization options depending on customers’ needs. We provide the lowest prices in the market.

Over the last 20+ years, Mangla International has been providing a one-stop solution for brand jewelers in terms of OEM/ODM and customized work. We can create a great art 925 sterling silver collection in fine jewelry making using just your thoughts, photos, or CAD designs.

We provide ODM/OEM services for 100% real gold and 925 Sterling Silver rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and pearl jewelry, including women rings, 925 Sterling Silver cross necklaces, heart necklaces, white gold earrings, and gold tennis bracelets, with personalized logos and packaging.

In our manufacturing plant, not a single piece of the metal strap would be thrown away. We make jewelry made entirely of recycled 925 sterling silver and gold by utilizing our production expertise. Metal scraps generated during the treeing process, for example, will be recycled back into the system and used to create other magnificent pieces of jewelry.

Mangla International is one of the leading wholesale 925 sterling silver distributors and manufacturers able to offer a great variety of products and efficient customer service.

Top Types of 925 sterling silver & 925 sterling silver Ornaments

How many types of 925 sterling silver & 925 sterling silver Ornaments are there? In the modern jewelry market, there are types of 925 sterling silver explained: 

  • 925 sterling silver Anklets
  • 925 sterling silver
  • 925 sterling silver Kada/925 sterling silver Bracelet
  • 925 sterling silver Ornaments
  • Toe Rings
  • Gold Plated 925 sterling silver
  • Ladies 925 sterling silver Kada
  • 925 sterling silver Plated Jewellery
  • 925 sterling silver Nose Rings
  • 925 sterling silver Gemstone Jewelry
  • 925 sterling silver Beaded Jewelry
  • 925 Sterling Silver

925 sterling silver Anklets

Indian women prefer to wear 925 sterling silver anklets, because it is a part of our culture, but very few people know that its use also has many health benefits.

925 sterling silver anklets and beechia are seen as being associated with the honeymoon of Indian women. You will be surprised to know that anklets not only enhance the beauty of the feet, but it also has a positive effect on health. According to ancient Indian astrologers, 925 sterling silver is related to the moon. It is believed that 925 sterling silver originated from the eyes of Lord Shiva, due to which 925 sterling silver is considered a symbol of prosperity. That is why 925 sterling silver anklets have special importance in Indian culture.

925 sterling silver Kada 925 sterling silver Bracelet

925 sterling silver is known for its coolness. That is why 925 sterling silver calms your mind, due to which your concentration power increases and you can do any work by being concentrated, with full attention.

Similarly, people also wear a 925 sterling silver bracelet. It enhances your charm. Also, according to astrology and Puranas, the benefits of wearing a 925 sterling silver bracelet are many. Wearing kada is also considered necessary in Sikhism.

925 sterling silver Ornaments

There is a lot of craze for jewelry among Indian women. But more and more women like to buy and wear gold jewelry. The reason behind this is that wearing gold jewelry is considered auspicious in India and gold jewelry is given a lot of importance in India from an investment point of view. Apart from gold, there are many other metals out of which jewelry is coming into the market. But if we talk about the summer jewelry trend of the year 2018, more women than gold have a craze for 925 sterling silver Ornaments. There are many reasons for this. The first reason is that new changes are happening in 925 sterling silver Ornaments day by day. The skin benefits of 925 sterling silver are also no less in the summer season. But there are some myths related to this which stop women from wearing 925 sterling silver jewellery. But proving all the myths related to 925 sterling silver false, Bollywood actresses are promoting the trendy jewelry of 925 sterling silver a lot.

  • Toe Rings
  • Gold Plated 925 sterling silver
  • Ladies 925 sterling silver Kada
  • 925 sterling silver Plated Jewellery
  • 925 sterling silver Nose Rings
  • 925 sterling silver Gemstone Jewelry
  • 925 sterling silver Beaded Jewelry
  • 925 Sterling Silver

Top Custom 925 sterling silver Manufacturers in India

We, as a high-quality best custom 925 sterling silver manufacturer from India, engage our trained team to make sure that all the customer’s needs and queries are addressed on a priority basis.

Mangla International is the best 925 Sterling Silver Near Me in India for all the small & large enterprises businesses that aim to establish their identity in the 925 sterling silver industry. 

We at Mangla International take pride in our identity as a leading one of the top  wholesale 925 sterling silver suppliers that offers a wide range of options at affordable prices. Gorgeous 925 Sterling Silver! 925 sterling silver Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Chains, Bracelets & more! We have solutions to all your needs as our unique manufacturing styles, and a qualified team of designers is available to meet all the manufacturing needs of the clients.

Mangla International is the #1 supplier of custom 925 sterling silver, findings, mountings, tools, packaging, diamonds & gemstones for today’s retail jewelers.

20+ years of experience in the art of wholesale jewelry making. Responsibly sourced, ethically crafted. BSCI approved & compliance with REACH.

Mangla International  is your trusted partner in 925 sterling silver manufacturing. With a history of helping clients grow their business, we can do the same for you!

A renowned wholesale 925 sterling silver manufacturer based in India. With over 20+ years of experience, Mangla International has delivered countless and qualified jewelry across the globe.

925 Sterling Silver Manufacturer

Mangla International is India’s leading 925 Sterling Silver supplier. Since 2000, we’ve been working with some of the leading jewelry and fashion accessories stores internationally. Our high-quality 925 Sterling Silver has earned us a reputation as one of the country’s best wholesale jewelry manufacturers.

At Mangla International it is all about timeliness, quality, and fair pricing. For the highest quality 925 sterling silver manufacturing, India has to offer, call us!