925 Solid Sterling Silver Baltic Amber And Garnet Gemstone Ring

Specifications :-

  1. Product       —–        925 Silver Ring
  2. Gemstone  —–        Baltic Amber / Garnet
  3. Stone Size   —–       9 x 11 mm Pear Cabochon / 5 x 5 mm Round Faceted
  4. Color           ——      Dark Orange / Red
  5. Ring Size     —–      All Size Available
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Product Description


Amber is truly a healing talisman and a glorious good luck charm too. Whether given to teething babies to help quell their cries or helping recovering people pleasers to set loving healthy boundaries, this gem is all about inviting calmness and healing into your life. Amber is the lifeblood of ancient trees and it brings all that energy with it into the here and now. It infuses us with a sense of nourishment,

Amber is rich and warm which makes it a great go-to stone for those who are suffering from colds, flu, headaches, and respiratory ailments too. This golden gem is also an effective pain reliever, meaning that any chronic issues, or even simple toothache or complex arthritis can be calmed by the soft healing light of Amber.


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